Pickapine NZ's freshest Christmas trees

Christmas Tree Stands and Care

Christmas Tree Stands

We offer CONO™ Christmas Tree Stands that will hold Christmas trees 1.2 - 2.7 metres tall. In our experience these are the best stands we have come across. They are a simple yet effective design constructed of heavy duty plastic that not only supports your Christmas tree but also provides a vessel to keep your Christmas tree hydrated.

See www.cono.co.nz for more details.

Christmas Tree Care

  1. As soon as you get home, cut 1 - 2cm off the base of the tree to refresh the cut and allow the Christmas tree to drink water
  2. Place the Christmas tree in water immediately, even if you are not ready to set it up
  3. Place the Christmas tree in a cool spot out of direct sunlight
  4. Use clean, fresh water. Drop in an aspirin or dispirin to slow the process of the gum sealing over the base of the trunk.
  5. Ensure that the Christmastree never runs out of water, it will draw 2-4 litres in the first few days.